On the 14th of September 2018 we released Måns Wieslanders ep "Folk Art Fire EP"!

"The follow-up to the reasonably homogenic The Retch E.P. consists of bass-heavy soulpop, wild west space-synt-gypsy & the classic tale of the sweet old lady who is a hardcore satanism-opponent. Featuring guest appearances from Lotta Wenglén & Amöbel Audio."

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Måns Wieslander´s new EP is out on the 15th Of June 2018!

"The Retch is Husker Du with a drum-machine, an electronic Ramones, The Fall without dentures.  This time, Wieslanders pop sensibilities has been fried without fat, stinking up the house. 6 tinnitus-hits delivered directly to your broken ears.

All songs performed, produced & written by M.W.

The Retch photo by Kristoffer Granath."

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New single from Blind Lake Release date 23 March 2018

"Bakom ett bluesigt Nick Drake-iskt gitarrriff klätt i syntar och dov disco, berättar Blind Lake om att försöka fly sin existens. Om att gå runt i en evig cirkel med ett trasigt DNA. 
En nära vän till bandet inspirerade till texten: ”Nobody cares and the tap keeps dripping, you know the truth but your brain keeps slipping…”

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