In 2014 the MARGIT MUSIC STUDIO moved from Malmoe to Lotta´s house in Böste!
If you want to record songs in the living room studio with Lotta Wenglén as a producer, arranger or just use her as a sound engineer, please send us an e-mail to make your booking.

Some Of Our Studio Guests

Ana Rab (Gnuççi), Fullmånen från Helvetet, Blind Lake, Marit Bergman, Backlinjen, Problem, Dollykollot, Burkina Fasolda, Katharina Nuttall, The Nykels, Arcane Willow, Cecilia Nordlund (Cilihili), DunDun, Sunshine Rabbits, Christine Owman, Small Flowers Crack Concrete, Affictionados, Erika Rosén, Titiyo, Up The Mountain, Nisse Hellberg, Åke Högman, Twin Piloda, Apa State Mental, Lena Måndotter, Lama Lobsang, Katarina Mazetti, We love you baby and The hard liquor men.

Our Equipment

All recordings are made on hard drive through Interface RME Firewire 800 and Protools 11.
We have some great microphones and analog stuff that can come in handy such as UA compressor.

Fender Blues Jr guitar amp
Ampeg bass amp

Earl drum kit
Various percussion

Drum pads
Roland SPD-8

PT 11
Pro Tools 11 & 10 plug-ins

Piamino (Bröderna Lager school piano)
Organ (tramporgel)